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Wednesday, January 19, 2022 - 02:18:51
Why charter a catamaran in Croatia?
Tuesday, November 30, 2021 · 10:56:39 · Hits: 36 · Reviews: 0
Sailing holiday in Croatia - Why is catamaran a better option for your sailing holiday. Check out out tips and start planning your sailing in Croatia
2 Months Ago via in Travel
Planning your holiday season?
Maybe you should think about charter a catamaran in Croatia.

Why is a catamaran better than a monohull? 
Why rent a catamaran?
Is the catamaran safe?

These are common questions that many of you ask when choosing the right boat for your charter in Croatia.

Why choose a catamaran for your next vacation?

1. Stability

One of the main advantages of catamarans over sailboats is stability. A catamaran is more stable than a sailboat and is the better choice for families with small children or the elderly because it is more spacious and easier to walk on it and has better seakeeping characteristics. This means that it remains stable or is capable of remaining stable at the sea during heavy waves or storms. Also, anyone who is prone to seasickness or going sailing for the first time is likely to feel less rolling of the boat.

2. Spacious accommodation

In addition to the above, catamarans generally have far more space - saloons and social spaces are much larger than on monohulls. Even the cabins are more spacious. Due to the schedule itself, you have far more privacy on the catamaran and you can separate from the other crew members if you are looking for a peaceful place just for yourself.

The kitchen, main saloon and cockpit are on one level, above the waterline which makes life on a cat as well as your view much more pleasant because there is no need for air conditioning during the day regarding much better airflow.

Many catamarans have a flybridge which gives you much more visibility while sailing or simply enjoying the view.

The catamaran has a shallow draft compared to the sailboat which allows you to anchor in the shallower sea.

Nowadays, many catamarans already offer various water toys, such as SUP, diving equipment, sea bob, etc which are easier to store due to the available space.

Also, catamarans have larger platforms for swimming and sunbathing, and those more luxurious catamarans have hydraulic platforms that serve to transport dinghies, or as a private sundeck.

If we convinced you to charter a catamaran in Croatia for your next holiday season check our base of catamaran charter in Croatia on our web site or contact us at
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